Registration, Requirements, Rules

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Registration for the SJYSL will be open August 1, 2022-August 21, 2022. This will give clubs 3 weeks to register.
We will utilize a simple registration platform to avoid added costs/fees to our clubs.

Registration fees collected by the clubs will remain with the clubs.

Registration will be required for all teams playing in the SJYSL so that we can create flights and maintain schedules.


Clubs with teams in the SJYSL can have their recreation coaches complete the Recreation Coaches license “Y Course” – This is FREE to all members! But this course is NOT mandatory or required!

Clubs will be responsible for providing field availability for the SJYSL.

Clubs will cover the referee fees – As is already part of each Club’s program!

Clubs should be ready for games to begin on September 17, 2022!


The current soccer rules will apply!

The SJYSL will follow the same Laws of the Game that are currently followed by the SJSL and the SJGSL.  Nothing new or different to have to learn!

Teams will need to wear similar color shirts, but they are not required to be identical shirts or even “club-approved” uniforms. 

Numbers are NOT required!

Teams will report scores for flighting purposes!  Everyone will know how competitive they are!