Frequently Asked Questions

What is SJYSL?  South Jersey Youth Soccer League is a new league that has been in the works for several years.  We are committed to growing recreational soccer in South Jersey!  The idea has been circulating among several clubs and a few “pilot seasons” have shown this is a positive addition to soccer in South Jersey!
Who can become a part of SJYSL?  Anyone!  Any club in SJ with a recreation program is welcome and encouraged to join the League!
How does SJYSL work?  Clubs who join SJYSL will enter their recreation teams into the League between 8/1-8/21/22.  Those teams will then be “flighted” based on their geographic location. This means that while the rec teams will “travel” to another town, that travel will be close to their home fields.  This will allow teams to play more than just 1-2 other teams in their own club.
Will this League eventually become a true “TRAVEL” league?  NO!  This League is designed strictly for recreation teams! This League WILL NOT INTERFERE WITH, OR TAKE AWAY FROM, your travel program.  In fact, if your team plays in a travel league, such as the SJSL or the SJGSL, they are not permitted to play in the SJYSL.  The purpose of this League is to provide a place for those players who want to continue to play soccer but not commit to the schedule and demands of a travel team.
What will the cost be?  ZERO! The costs will be whatever each club charges for recreation registration in their club.  The SJYSL will not be collecting any fees/amounts for teams to play in the League.
Will the club be able to limit how far our recreation teams travel?  YES!  We will work with clubs to determine what is the best distance and most convenient clubs to play within a set flight.  We DO NOT want this to become a travel format.
Will teams keep score?  YES! Teams will keep score and will know how well they fared against all other teams in their flight.
Will teams need the same uniforms?  No!  Each team member of each of your recreation teams will need to have a similar color shirt and similar shorts and socks.  They should have numbers, but if they duplicate, it will not be an issue.  Teams will not need to have an identical “club” type of uniform.  For example, if your recreation teams each wear a different color “dri-fit” shirt and black socks and shorts, those uniforms can be used in the SJYSL.  We are not looking to increase any costs for clubs to become a part of SJYSL.
Will there be an age “cut-off” for SJYSL? The SJYSL will continue to have teams up through U15 to allow all players to continue to play soccer at the recreation level.  If we have interest in even older age groups, we will look to add those additional brackets.  We are not looking to have players “age out” of soccer!  The SJYSL is looking to expand recreation soccer!